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“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” Albert Einstein

Have you noticed how a lot of people hate selling? Yet, ironically, selling isn’t just done by professional salespeople and retail clerks. We all, sell every day. It might be to gain agreement on where to go to lunch or what move to see or to get help with a project at work. So why do so many people hate selling?

One of the big reasons is that for us, serving the customer is very satisfying while trying to force someone to buy just to get the sale can leave us feeling dirty. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You may have noticed too that customers today are better informed, desire more control over their own lives, and feel more cynical about any sales technique that sounds slick or canned.  Increasingly, they want to know, like and trust salespeople before buying from them, especially major purchases.  Customers are looking for salespeople who care about helping them first and making the sale second.  The sale is important, definitely. But it comes only when it serves the needs, wants, and desires of the customer.

The interesting thing is, when you approach people who have a need for your products and services, when you listen first to understand their concerns, then present your solution as it fits what they said, they want to buy. Help customers buy. You find that selling is fun, fulfilling and mutually rewarding.

The quote above from Albert Einstein basically says that for us to solve a problem we’ve created, we either need to change our thinking or find outside help. The outside help is the role of the consultant, coach, trainer, guide, or mentor.

I encourage you to find someone whose advice feels right or sounds correct or you like the looks of. If I’m that someone, I will give you my best effort and advice. If not, find someone else with the expertise and sales approach you like.

Services available (prices are based on companies under $15,000,000)

  • Marketing Plan Evaluation (includes research, meeting,* and report) ………. $1,000
  • Sales Program Evaluation (includes research, meeting,* and report) ………. $1,000
  • Coaching**
  • First half hour needs evaluation by telephone ………. FREE
  • One hour of consulting / coaching* ………. $300
  • Bundle of ten (10) hours coaching ………. $2,700
  • Larger packages ………. Call for Quote
  • Consulting ***
  • First half hour needs evaluation by telephone ………. FREE**
  • One hour of consulting / coaching* ………. $300
  • Bundle of sixteen (16) hours consulting ………. $4,320

This means up to four (4) hours onsite***

  • Larger packages ………. Call for Quote

Customized Sales Training ………. To be quoted

Ban Cannon Fodder from Sales Management course ………. Under development

NOTE:  All training in California is taxable except for tax-exempt organizations who provide proper tax-exempt paperwork.

RATES are subject to change and will be posted. All written quotes are good for 30 days.

*Any face to face meetings are based on a 30 mile radius from San Dimas: the east Los Angeles County area (primarily San Gabriel Valley), north Orange County, and west San Bernardino County. Any meeting outside that area will require a quote for travel time and travel expenses. Otherwise, we will meet over the telephone.

**All coaching is handled over the phone

*** Consulting on-site will bill for travel time, preparation (2 hours per hour of meeting), and producing the follow up report (I will waive ½ hour of travel within 30 miles of San Dimas) for every billable meeting hour, i.e. not including the preparation or report time)

Aberle Consulting
981 W. Arrow Hwy., #361
San Dimas, CA 91773-2410
(626) 393-9741

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