Do you hate selling? It’s possible to love it.

This post is actually my first video, a welcome to this blog. [youtube][/youtube]

The following content is close to what I cover in my video:

Do you hate selling even though it’s to promote your own business? On the other hand, do you enjoy helping people solve their problems with your products or services?

One solution is to stop trying to sell. Focus instead on developing a conversation centered on finding out what their challenges are that relate to what your products and services. What do they want and feel they need? If it’s not a problem, is there some dream or desire they want to fulfill?

Keep asking questions about this until you thoroughly understand what they want, why they want it, and what it will mean for them when they solve the problem or obtain their desire. Go five levels deep when asking people about what fixing this will mean to them.

When you listen first and seek to understand your prospect, you show you care about them and their wants and needs. You show you respect them and want to help instead of control. You connect person to person.

Help Customers Buy – with this approach, you won’t need to hate selling anymore. Instead you will find selling fun, fulfilling, and mutually rewarding. You will feel good about what you do because you are helping your customers and at the same time making a fair profit.

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